What is one step gel polish?

Purjoi Nail Studio has developed a unique one step gel system available in 50+ stunning shades. Purjoi Nail Studio gel is chip-free with long-lasting shine. It’s just color and cure! It’s a great professional alternative product to save money and time.

Why does Purjoi Nail Studio gel seem thick?

Our gel has been formulated with a thicker formula for a couple reasons. Purjoi Nail Studio gel polish provides a thicker formula to ensure a simple and even application. It was also formulated to be used for nail art to mold the product based on desired effect.

Do I need base coat or top coat?

No, base and top coats are not required! If you prefer a little extra protection, our “High Gloss Clear” will create an extra layer of protection to any gel color. Purjoi Nail Studio wants to make your job easier without compromising on quality.

*Purjoi Nail Studio colors “French Pink “and “French White” do require our “High Gloss Clear” to seal color and provide shine. These colors were developed to work as a trio and to provide the maximum quality and shine, we had to formulate these two colors differently. Both colors can be worn as solo colors, just top it with our “High Gloss Clear”.

Do I need to clean the final color coat or high gloss clear?

Cleaning final color is not required with any Purjoi Nail Studio gel polish. Our “High Gloss Clear” (top coat) does not need to be cleaned.

Does the product color or quality change with medication?

Yes, some medications can change the chemical balance in the nail plate. You may experience color changes and lifting of product.

Will Purjoi gel damage my nails?

This is a good question and we’re asked this often. If you apply and remove any gel application correctly, it will not damage your nails. However, depending on the condition of the nail, any gel can cause damage. Most of the damage comes from removing the product incorrectly and not using the correct material/technique. With Purjoi Nail Studio gels, we have formulated our gels to provide easy removal to help eliminate any damage. At removal, we recommend not using any metal instruments to scrape or drill. Also, be sure to moisturize your nails and cuticles with Purjoi Nail Studio Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil Treatment.

What does “Three Free” Mean?

This means Purjoi Nail Studio Gel Polish does not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.

Can Purjoi be used over my acrylic nails or gel nails?

Yes, of course! We recommend filing the nail surface to create an abrasive surface for the gel product to adhere.

How come gel polishes sometime cause shrinkage?

This can sometimes happen when the nail is not properly dehydrated (use a nail dehydrator, gel cleanser, or alcohol). Once nail is properly dehydrated, be sure not to touch the nail plate, as this can add oil to the nail plate causing shrinkage. If you paint slowly, do 2-3 nails at a time and then cure.

Will Purjoi stain my nails or toe nails?

Purjoi will not stain or cause yellowing of nail and toe nail surfaces.

Can Purjoi one step gel be used for nail art?

YES, we use Purjoi products for all our nail art work shown on our website.